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Health Benefits Of Moringa Seeds
Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
One of the significant properties of moringa seeds is its ability to reduce blood glucose levels. Hence it acts as an anti-diabetic agent.
A study done in 2012 tested the effects of moringa on diabetic rats. The rats were treated with an extract of moringa for 21 days and at the end of the period, there was a considerable reduction in the blood glucose levels of the rats.
This goes to show that moringa seeds have anti-diabetic properties that are quite beneficial to us.
Can Lower Cholesterol
   Moringa oleifera is known to have positive effects on our cholesterol and lipid profiles.
   A study was done in 2003 on rabbits, who were fed moringa (200mg/kg/day) for 120 days. The results of this study showed the rabbits to have lower serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels in their bodies. These rabbits showed a decrease in the lipid profiles of the liver and the heart. The study promptly concluded that moringa contains cholesterol and lipid lowering properties.
Promotes Heart Health
  Moringa seeds exhibit properties that can protect our cardiovascular system. It helps to protect our heart from complications that arise from having hypertension.
  This was proved by a study that was conducted in France in 2016 on hypertensive rats. The study tested the cardiac effects of moringa seed powder on hypertensive rats for 8 weeks. The results showed that there was not much change in their blood pressure values, but they showed an improvement in the cardiac diastolic function and had reduced levels of triglycerides in their cardiac system.
  The data from the study concluded that moringa seeds have a beneficial effect on our cardiac structure and promote overall heart health.
  Anti-Inflammatory And Antioxidant Properties
A 2016 study was done on moringa seeds that tested positive for natural products like cannabidiol and moringin. The study proved that moringa seeds possess a great amount of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that play a vital role in the healing processes of many diseases.
 Another study done in 2011 also tested the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of moringa seeds. The anti-inflammatory test was carried out in rats, by inducing edema, and the antioxidant test was carried out to test the reducing power, chelating effect on Iron ions (Fe2+) and free radical scavenging of moringa seeds . Both the tests showed positive results, establishing the fact that moringa seeds exhibit both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Supports Brain Health
Moringa seeds increase our mental focus and improve our brain health.
Our brain needs a constant supply of nutrition to work at its optimum level. Some of the best foods to eat for a healthy brain are amino acids, omega-3s, antioxidants and vitamin E . Moringa seeds are a rich source of all these nutrients, thus promoting a healthy brain health.
Promotes Liver Health
Moringa seeds have amazing properties to reduce liver damage and promote overall liver health.
A study done in 2010 tested the effectiveness of moringa seed extract on liver fibrosis in rats. Liver fibrosis was induced in the rats twice a week for 8 weeks. At the same time, moringa seed extract was also given to them daily. At the end of 8 weeks, the study showed that the seeds of moringa heal liver injury and act against the induced liver fibrosis in rats .
Acts As A Sleep Aid
One of the many benefits of moringa seeds is its ability to cure insomnia (11). The oil extracted from moringa seeds is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals and contains essential amino acids that stimulate sleep inducing hormones. This oil produces a calming effect and helps you sleep longer and better.
Improves Eyesight
 Moringa Seeds are also known to improve eyesight or help treat poor vision.
Testimonials given by people who have used moringa seeds for their vision claim to experience an improvement in their eyesight, even after spending a considerable number of hours in front of their computers.
Boosts Immune System:
 There are several nutrients that individually help to protect our body against diseases and infections.
Moringa seeds are power packed with all these nutrients, like protein, vitamin A, C, E, zinc and a significant number of antioxidants. Various studies done on moringa seeds prove that all these nutrients put together make moringa seeds an excellent defence mechanism for the body.
Treats Anemia
 Moringa seeds are rich in iron, a nutrient responsible for maintaining a healthy RBC count in our blood. A deficiency of iron leads to anemia. A person who is deficient in iron may not only be anemic, but also present other symptoms like constant fatigue, weakness, headaches, shortness of breath and poor cognitive skills.
A study done in 2016 reviewed the nutritional values of moringa and recorded that moringa oleifera is a rich source of iron and consuming them helps overcome iron deficiency and treat anemia.
Heals Ulcers
Moringa seeds have brilliant anti-ulcer properties. Traditionally, it has been widely consumed in India and Pakistan to treat gastric ulcers.
A recent study was done on rats, on whom gastric ulcers were induced, and moringa leaf extract was administered regularly. The study showed that regular moringa extract helped reduce the ulcers and acid pepsin secretion was decreased.
Above were the benefits for our general health, but moringa seeds are also used in the cosmetic industry as they provide multiple benefits for our skin too, in the form of moringa seed oil.
PS:  The seeds are a great aphrodisiac as well. 
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